Monday, March 26, 2012

A Yay and a Nay

Good Morning lovelies!
This morning I have two polishes that I want to review.  On Saturday I went to Ulta and bought two nail polishes, China Glaze Flying Dragon and Zoya Sarah.  I really only intended to by Flying Dragon, but I ended up picking up Sarah as well.  When I got home I tried them out, and I found that i only like one of them.  It was a little bit disappointing, but hey, you've gotta get a few duds to find things you really like!

Let's start with the yay! This is Zoya Sarah.  I don't usually buy red nail polishes, but the name caught me because Sarah is my sister's name!  I actually ended up loving this one.  I like that it is a darker red and not as bright and gaudy as most reds I've tried.  There is a little bit of gold shimmer, too.  I am really glad I bought this. 

Now on to the nay.  This is China Glaze Flying Dragon.  The second picture is more accurate to the color.  The problem I have with this polish is that the color is not as bright as I wanted.  It turned out to be more of a darker purple than a bright, vibrant purple.  Also, the texture is kind of a gritty matte.  I like matte polish, but not when it looks chunky and gritty.  It's kind of funny that the polish I intended on buying turned out to be the one I didn't like.  Oh well!
I hope you enjoyed this comparison, and have a fabulous week!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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