Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here We Go Again - An Update

Hello Everyone!
I feel like a broken record saying I am sorry for the enormous gap between posts.  This semester has been one of the most difficult of my life.  Those of you who have been with me for a while will know that in August I lost a dear friend.  I unintentionally took an extensive break from posting in order to focus on school, coping with this, and helping my friends through this time.  However, this is 2015! It is a new year, and I am so excited to unlock what 2015 has in store.  I have been painting my nails through this time, but it has been a lot less frequent, and to be honest none of the things I've done in that regard have been exciting enough to blog.  I wanted to get a post up letting y'all know that I'm alive, nail painting, and ready to get back to blogging! Some things you can look forward to are a nail polish highs and lows of 2014 and something I haven't done before: a lip product post!  I'm pretty obsessed with lip products so I figured it would be appropriate.  Anyway I am really excited to be back and I can't wait for y'all to check out the upcoming posts!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
~ Mary Elizabeth
Ps Here is a taste of my semester!
Girl's night! I did everyone's makeup!

This is my piccolo section!

Travis and I on Fall break

Beach day!

Man in black and Dad on Halloween! (me and my roommate)

Snazzy D&D! (don't judge me)

Me, my mom, and my sister at the Samford/Auburn game

Finally here's my haircut!