Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lovely Layering

Hey there!
I hope you are all having a wonderful resurrection week (if you celebrate it like me)!  So, have you ever had a nail polish that was pretty, but way too sheer? Today I am going the show you how I used layering polishes to make a sheer color look really nice!

So for this I began with OPI Japanese Rose Garden  This is a pretty pink with a slight silver shimmer.  This polish is definitely a one coater!  The shimmer really just gives it a sheen, not so much a glitter.  So in order to give it a more noticeable shimmer, I layered OPI Princesses Rule! on top.  This color by itself is super duper sheer, but on top of other pinks it looks really nice!  I was planning on using this to begin Pink Wednesday, but I had a super crazy day yesterday.  Maybe I can start being a part of that next week!  I hope you find some fun ways to layer, and feel free to post it in the comments so I can see your favorite ways to layer.  Who knows, maybe you'll inspire me!  I hope you have a blessed Good Friday!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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