Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunny in January Nails

Hey guys!
 So I really wanted to paint my nails a funky color, and I decided yellow was the perfect color to perk up those winter blues.
sorry about the crappy picture taking :/ I didn't have very good lighting
Of course I started with my OPI base coat, and then I used two coats of OPI's "Need Sunglasses?"  I thought that looked kind of thin, so I put OPI's "A Little Less Conversation" on top.  If you can't find this (it's pretty hard to find) a shimmery gold or silver would work.  Finally I used my Sinful Colors top coat.

As far as these two colors individually go, they go really well together.  "Need Sunglasses?" is a nice color, but it's not as bright as I would like.  "A Little Less Conversation" is actually a really old color that came out with the All Shook Up collection.  I ordered mine on  This color looks pretty in the bottle, but it comes out INCREDIBLY sheer.  On its own I put three coats and I could still see right through it.  This makes it great for putting over other polishes. 
Anyway, I hope you guys like this, and I hope you have a great week!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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