Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Nail Essentials

Hey everybody!
I hope y'all are having a wonderful week! Today's post is about my nail essentials.  These are the products that I use almost every time if not every time I do my nails. 
I just use a generic nail polish remover.  I've never really used a higher end remover because I don't feel a need to spend a lot of money on it.  It takes the polish of, and that's all that matters.
 I use two different top coats. The one on the left is Sinful Colors Top Shine top coat.  I use this for solid colors.  If I use it with detail work, it smudges the colors together.  The one on the left is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails UV top coat.  I used this for detail and designs.  The catch with this is that you need to wait a good 5 minutes before you apply it to be sure that you don't smudge!
 The base coat I use is OPI Natural base coat.  I really like the staying power this gives, although I redo my nails about once a week! It is best if you roll this between your hands as opposed to shaking it.  Shaking it causes bubbles to form, and they can transfer to your nails, which is not fun.
 Ya. I just use generic nail clippers.  I honestly don't even know what brand these are
 This is a cool product.  This is True Blue Spa's disappearing act cuticle remover.  What you do is unscrew the cap (that big white thing) and squirt a tiny TINY bit on each cuticle and let it dry for about a minute.  Then take the pointy end of the cap and push the cuticles back.  Then rinse your hands to get the gel off.
 These are my favorite design polishes.  These are by Kiss, and they are available at pretty much any drugstore.  These are really nice.  I used to have the white, but mine dried up because I used it so often!
These are Q-tip cotton swabs.  I use these to take off my nail polish and clean up any mistakes.  I would pretty much use any brand, but this is just what my mom always buys :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Have a great week!
~ Mary Elizabeth


  1. I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for the tip about the bubbles in the OPI Natural base coat. Is OPI the best base coat you have ever used or is there another type that you absolutely love?

    1. OPI is my favorite base coat right now. I haven't tried a whole lot of them, but of the ones i have tried this is my favorite!