Monday, September 2, 2013

September Nail Art!

Hey Guys!
First off, Happy Labor Day!  I apologize that I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been getting settled back into the routine of school and my new room and roommate.  So far it's been a really good year! Anyway, today I wanted to let y'all know about my plan for painting my nails in September.  I found this on Instagram and decided it would be a great idea to keep me on track!
This is the basic chart of when I will be posting.  Now I know you're probably thinking, "Wait a sec, today is the 2nd; where's the camo?"  The answer to that question boils down to wearability.  Not only is camo really difficult and a little above my skill level, but I really would never wear camo in real life.  I do in fact have to go to class and band and things like that, so i'd like to enjoy what's on my nails :) Anyway, that's my plan for the month, and I will try to stay consistent.  I will also be posting pictures on my instagram, so be sure to follow me at @theatre_geek1712.  Also, be sure to follow @californails, the creater!  I hope y'all enjoy this, and i hope you will join me! If you do decide to join in, be sure to leave a comment and use the hashtag #nailartsep.  I hope y'all have a great week!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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