Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update 5/16/12

Hey everybody!
I just wanted to update you guys on whats going on in my life, plus explain why I haven't posted much lately.  The past two weeks have been AP tests, and I have taken two: AP Literature and AP Music Theory.  Both were tough, but I think I did well.  Personally, I am just trying to get to graduation, which is in two weeks! This makes me nervous, but I am also very excited to be finishing high school.  Also, my birthday was May 1, and I had a wonderful time with my friends and family.  I will add some pictures at the end of my festivities.  Anyway, my family and I went to Red Lobster, which is a tradition of mine.  Then this past weekend I went to Disney with some of my best friends, which was an absolute blast!  The next week or two will be pretty crazy with a band concert tomorrow (super exciting!), a chorus concert (which I have a duet in), and finals.  After that, I will hopefully get back in the swing of doing regular blog posts.  I also plan to get a job this summer, but I think I can still get a post in at least twice a week if not more.  I hope you are having a wonderful week, and i hope to be posting some actual nail posts soon!
Here are some pics from my birthday festivities:
me and my friends Cailah and Bella about to watch the fireworks

me & Cailah

me and my friend Shane (who is kicking my horse in the face) on the carousel

Bella (top left), Cailah (bottom left), Shane (next to Bella), Erik (next to Shane), and me (hidden in the back)
God bless!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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