Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Back! Update 7/24/12

Hey Everybody!
I am so sorry that I haven't posted in over a month!  I have been really busy this summer, which is not what I expected my summer to be like.  I got a babysitting job, so I have been babysitting ten hours a day three day a week for about two months now.  The kids I babysit require me to keep them occupied, whether it be playing video games or pretending we are Star Wars characters.  This hasn't left me a whole lot of time to post.  Also, I leave for college in less than a month.  I have been doing some major shopping for my dorm room.  I will be sure to show you pics of my dorm when I get it all set up.  I have been painting my nails, and I have several posts planned, including a pink Wednesday for tomorrow.  Again, I am so sorry for being MIA lately, and I hope to be back to blogging for good now :) I hope your summer has been wonderful, and hopefully I will have a post up tomorrow.
~ Mary Elizabeth

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