Saturday, June 16, 2012

Essie Summer Polishes

Happy Saturday!
  I hope your summer is off to a fabulous start! Today I will be reviewing the two polishes I picked up from Essie's summer collection. I am really excited about this collection, and I hope you enjoy!

 This first one is Bikini So Teeny.  This one is my favorite of the two that I bought.  It is a light, bright periwinkle color.  I like the formula of this because it isn't a streaky as a lot of Essie polishes, especially after the second coats.  I also like that is makes my white self look a little tanner :) It definitely takes two coats to make it solid.

This one is called Mojito Madness.  This is the color that I really wanted, but I ended up liking Bikini So Teeny better.  It is a really gorgeous Kelly green color.  This color is currently in my toes.  I was hoping it would be a little brighter, but it is still a very pretty color.  It only takes one coat to get a solid color, but I used two just to be sure. 

Overall, I really like these colors!  I plan to wear them a good bit this summer.  These would be really useful for creating designs.  I hope to get some more from this collection soon; these were just the ones that really stuck out to me.  I am always attracted to greens, so Mojito Madness was kind of a given :).  I hope you enjoyed this post, and I definitely recommend you pick up this collection.  I have a few new posts planned for this week, so keep an eye out! Have a fantastic Father's Day!
~ Mary Elizabeth

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